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  • Versatile heavy-duty unit.
  • Adjustable forklift arms.


This forklift combines maximum safety and operator comfort.  Standard features include panic stop button, emergency power disconnect button, horn, key switch and "soft start-soft stop" operation. Throttle, lift and lower are located on the ergonomically designed handle.  Straddle legs adjust 36" - 50" ID. AC Motor. 24 Volt system.  Lowered Height: 2.5".  Raised Heights: 63" - 138".  Turning Radius: 69".  Adjustable 42" Forks. Internal charger plugs into any regular 110 volt outlet.  FOB Shipping Point.

  • Lift and transfer heavy loads with this battery powered  forklift.
  • Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, positioning dies or feeding material to presses.
  • Adjustable forklift arms to accomodate various size loads.

This forklift comes standard with remote control floor lock and safety screen standard. With a minimally charged battery, unit can be used even while recharging. Three light LED charge status indicator included. Easy to read illuminated battery status voltometer. Order enough weight kits for your planned load. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Ground Entry - Manually Propelled - Hydraulic Order Picker
  • Designed for smooth, easy one-person order picking up to 21' high.
  • No outriggers required, floor locks secure in place. Optional electric interlocks available.
  • Key lock prevents unauthorized use.

Small foot print won't block aisles and is easy to maneuver. HPS-10 is only 69" tall for easy movement through standard doorways. Removable guard rails beside stock platform for easy loading and unloading. Merchandise can be easily raised to shelf level and easily slid to minimize lifting. High quality controls require both hands to operate for user safety. 12 vold DC power (AGM battery) with mounted charger included. Recharges using a standard 110V outlet. 100+ raise and lower cycles between charges. 450 lb. weight capacity, both operator and inventory. Optional safety sensing system creates a 2' safety zone around lift alerting operator to activity below the lift. Meets/exceed ANSI safety standards. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Eliminates operator effort and injury rates by more than 50%.
  • Available in two heights.
  • Can handle loads of up to 1,000 lbs.

Valley Craft has added power drive to their already dependable Roto-Lift™ and Roto-Grip™II drum handlers making transport, lifting and dumping safer and eaiser than ever before, all in one piece of equipment. The Power Drive Roto-Lift™ incorporates ratchet straps to handle steel, plastic and fiber cylinders 14"-24" a full 360 degrees. The Power Drive Roto-Grip™II lifts, rotates, dumps and palletizes steel drums and cylinders 18"-24" with electric clamping jaws. Power drive wheels plus full-function hydraulic lift and pour means that any operator can move drums. Eliminate operator effort in moving loads of up to 1,000 lbs. reducing injury rates from heavy handling by more than 50%. A powered drum handler can provide substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for fork lifts and feature fully adjustable and programmable controls with 1-2.5 mph speed controls. Units easily handle grades up to 5 degrees. Units are available in two heights -- 78" or 90". They feature keyed On/Off switch, variable drive speed, 12" drive wheel with safety cover, 24V DC system powered, battery indicator gauge. Batteries and 12V AC charger included. The Curtis TM-1 Tiller Head is equipped with emergency reverse switch, electronic throttle and rocker switches. Tiller head features a horn for added safety and gas spring to automatically return head to upright position when not in use. Straddle model legs measure 23" long and 25" between each leg. The maximum lift height from center of jaws to floor for the 78" models is 70-1/2", for the 90" models is 82-1/2". The maximum lift speed is 17 fpm and the maximum rotating speed is 6 rpm. FOB Shipping Point.

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