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Rethink your storage system with Datum’s innovative MobileTrak5®. By eliminating all but one aisle, MobileTrak5® almost doubles available storage space, or creates space for workstations, offices and more.

Better yet, MobileTrak5® Systems can be expanded or moved at anytime in the future, growing as your business does.

Mobile Trak5® PDF

For a much more detailed and extensive look at the mobile storage system please click to view the pdf.

Key Features


Durable MobileTrak5® Systems incorporate full length, solid steel drive shafts, steel 5” wheels and heavy duty carriage construction, offering you a lifetime of use. All systems are covered by Datum’s lifetime warranty.


Your storage needs are as unique as you are. MobileTrak5® Systems have been used to store everything from files, to archived museum artwork, to spare nuts and bolts. Custom-designed systems are specially created for a variety of applications.

Aesthetic Appeal

No need to redecorate. Thanks to Datum’s variety of end panel combinations, decking options and shelving colors, MobileTrak5® integrates seamlessly into your existing office décor.


There are a number of security options for the MobileTrak5® system, including locking aisles, Stak-N-Lok™ files, 4Post™ locking drawers and a TambourDoor™ option.

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