Call to speak with Tim Lebeck immediately. Lebeck Industrial offers personalized service from the beginning to end of your projects.

At Lebeck Industrial LLC, we take immense pride in our professional, insured installation team that is spearheaded by the owner, Tim Lebeck, and supported by a network of qualified installers around the area. Our team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every project we undertake is executed to the highest standards.

Tim Lebeck, with over 15 years of experience in installations, leads our team. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry make him an invaluable asset to our company and our clients. Tim’s hands-on approach means he personally oversees every project from start to finish, ensuring that each job is completed efficiently and to the highest quality standards.

Supporting Tim is Cristel Riveron, a certified machine operator and safety supervisor. Cristel’s expertise in machine operation and her commitment to safety make her a crucial part of our team. She ensures that all our installations are not only efficient but also adhere to the strictest safety standards. Her role is vital in maintaining our track record of zero accidents and ensuring the well-being of our team and clients.

Our team’s expertise extends beyond just installations. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. This includes understanding their specific needs, designing customized solutions, and providing after-sales support. We believe that our job does not end with the installation; instead, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, providing them with ongoing support and service.

We also understand the importance of being insured. It provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that they are protected against any unforeseen circumstances. Our team is fully insured, further demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and our clients’ safety.